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1. Popularization and strengthening of microbiological sciences in India.
2. Establishing academic collaboration with International Societies/Academies worldwide.

Preamble: The discoveries over the last few decades have established microbiology as a very important scientific discipline because of its practical ramifications in agriculture, medicine, environment, industry, genetic engineering and other fields. It is now clear that the role of microbe in nature is all encompassing. In view of the extreme microbial diversity, it is also well understood now that the process of mining microbial genetic variations for newer applications will continue long into the future. Also, the rapid rate of microbial evolution ensures that there will be no permanent solutions to problems posed by microbes. These problems will demand a continual stream of creative and new approaches that evolve along with the microbes. Thus, the excitement of microbiology will continue long into the future. However, these opportunities and imperatives demand a deep understanding of basic microbial physiology, genetics,and ecology.
Major challenges that lay ahead are to impart broad and state of art training to enable the next generation of microbiologists, and to educate the public and government representatives about the continued and critical importance of this field for health, environment and economy. This is our road map for creation of' Academy of Microbiological Sciences (AMSc)' under the aegis of Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI), which has been into existence for more than fifty years now.
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Nomination Proforma for Election of Fellow Academy of Microbiological Sciences

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Nomination Proforma for Election of Fellow Academy of Microbiological Sciences

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