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AMI Young Scientists and other Awards Nomination form

DEADLINE: 31st August, 2019

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AMI-Travel grants

The AMI may support travel grants to young life members of AMI (below the age of 35), for participating annual conference of AMI, whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the AMI conference. Detailed guidelines will be available on AMI website

  1. The travel grants shall cover II class Railway fares by the shortest route. The funds for this shall come from interest from funds earmarked for this purpose.
  2. The number of travel grants available will depend on the funds available and the GS, based on regional distribution, shall make primary scrutiny before placing to CC for approval.
  3. Those interested in utilizing this facility should inform the General Secretary of AMI soon after their paper is accepted at the conference, along with a copy of the paper and the acceptance letter.
  4. AMI may also consider granting partial travel assistance and registration fees to one or two members to facilitate them to attend International conference recognized by AMI.
  5. Full details will be worked out by the Central council after a corpus has been developed for this purpose.