Major Themes

Theme and Sub-themes

Advanced Microbial Diagnostics/Detection Tools

Climate Change and Agroecosystem :Effect on soil microbial diversity

Environmental Microbiology

Entrepreneurship and IPR

Food and Industrial Microbiology

Plant Microbe Interactions

Microbial Nanotechnology

Microbiology for Mankind

Microbial Therapeutics and Anti-Microbial Resistance

Microbiology for Sustainable Development

Vaccine Development for Life

Sponsored Session

   Preconference Workshops/Training Sessions   
1. Bioinformatics Tools and Techniques
2. High-End Analytical Tools in Microbiology
3. Nanomaterial for Biomedical and Agricultural Applications
4. Microbian Forensic and Applications
   Special Session   
1. Dr. K. R. Dadarwal Memorial Lecture
2. Intellectual Property Rights